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  • The camera’s G-sensor provides automatic crash or vibration detection for recording of accidents or parking lot dings as they happen
  • Camera kit comes with a 32GB microSD card and extra-long USB cable for easy setup and lengthy recording
  • Clear three-inch screen provides excellent clarity for footage review and menu navigation, also auto-switching off for energy savings
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  • Fits up to 128GB microSD card for lengthy recording of up to 40 hours for your long road trips
  • You choose duration of the video loop, filming in increments of three, five or 10 minutes
  • Features 1080p high definition, 170 degree field of view, 30 frames per second quality recording
  • Offers many desirable features of more expensive camera models, yet priced at $100 or less
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  • Accompanied by a one-year dash cam hardware manufacturer’s warranty and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for 24-hour customer support
  • Dual lenses for simultaneous front and rear recording, with front at 165 degrees and rear at 125 degrees
  • 1080p recording at 30 frames per second in full HD video with audio
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  • Affordability for front and rear video capture with good quality video definition at 1296p in front and 1080p in rear
  • Dual cameras provide greater accuracy in incident recording with views of both front and back
  • Provides an array of audible and visual hazard warnings for issues like lane departure, forward collision and driver fatigue
  • Included 32GB microSD card provides greater memory space versus other camera models, with compatibility for up to 128GB
  • G-sensor locks video recording with time, speed, location and date stamping upon impact
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  • A wide field of view, great video quality and lots of extra features provide good value for the camera’s price
  • Include GPS, WiFi, voice control and safety alerts for forward collision, lane departure.
  • Cross traffic, more of your environment and a full field of view are captured through 180-degrees of viewand inclement weather for detailed 1080p video capture
  • Automatic incident detection G-sensor captures footage of impact and aftermath with GPS location stamping
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  • Super sharp 1296p HD resolution and GPS receiver provide sharp detail, location and vehicle speed information for well-informed video capture of events
  • The large 2.7-inch high definition display.
  • Great video quality at night and in low light conditions with the camera’s enhanced low light features
  • Simply pointing the camera lens toward potential parking impact areas captures post-impact events automatically while the car is in park
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  • A small, affordable camera that is easy to install and use but still provides top quality video at 1296p.
  • 160-degree wide angle field of view for sharp imagery even at night or in bad weather conditions.
  • Includes a free 8GB micro SD card but accommodates up to 64GB micro SD card for eight hours of footage at the 1080p setting
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  • A large three inch viewing screen means easy footage review and menu operation
  • 1080p HD video recording at 30 frames per second for video and still photography for accident scene documentation
  • Features automatic recording upon impact, forward collision warning, red light camera warning and optional speed camera warning signals
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  • Mounts easily to windshield and easily powers for automatic driving recording
  • Great clarity in recording, including a sharp three-inch LCD display
  • With a 32GB microSD card, power cable, suction mount, cable clips, USB transfer cable and gift package
  • Dash cam protected by 45 day manufacturer’s money-back guarantee with 18 month warranty and lifetime customer service
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  • Dual 1080p HD cameras enable simultaneous front-of-vehicle and interior camera video or single-cam mode.
  • Even at night the interior cabin view camera gains a clear view of both front and rear seats using infrared LED lighting
  • 170-degree front view and 140-degree interior cabin view capture.
  • Accepts microSD cards up to 64GB
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